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Do we need a dedicated global agency that would deal with covid 19 and other future pandemics?


The covid-19 pandemic has upended many lives since its emergence. The organizations like UNICEF and WHO are working worldwide to cope with the situation and help people have healthy status. Moreover, these agencies guide parents, caregivers, and educators to spread about curing factors and stay safe against the viral attack. Although the organizations are still working, the question arises do there is a need for some global agency that would deal with Covid 19 and other future pandemics? The answer is yes. The world has to be united in dealing with such situations. It is important to give a better lifestyle to people suffering from pandemic situations.

How does the global agency will work?

The global agency that will fight against the pandemic situation can follow the steps to make the earth a safe place to live. The steps the WHO, UNICEF, or other such organization follow are

Planning and coordination

Planning and coordination is the number one step to follow. The main purpose is to provide leadership among different sectors. The main aspect of pandemic preparation is to prepare for any bad situation devising techniques to cope up. For example, to prevent the spreading of covid-19, the organizations devised social distancing methods to spread viruses from one person to another.

Situation assessment and monitoring

In this step, the workers collect, interpret and assess the information o the risk due to pandemic before it occurs. Moreover, there is the monitoring of the pandemic characteristics and activity. If the pandemic situation is increasing, then there is a need to monitor infectious agents, their capacity to cause infection, and patterns or ways the disease spreads.

Reducing the spread of diseases

To reduce the disease spreading, there is a need to maintain social distancing. If one stays apart from the infected person, there is less likely to spread infection. Thus, organizations guide people to stay away from each other, do not meet strangers, avoid going to public places, and prevent people from getting infected.

We measure risk levels.

The organization that deals with pandemics measure the risk at an individual or the household level. It also includes individual hygiene risk communication and persona protection. The agency can apply the societal level measures to societies or communities and measures the behavioral change in the multiple sectors, population, and mobilization or resources.

Final thoughts

Having a global agency to deal with pandemics will help maintain and build trust in public health organizations before, during, and after the pandemic situation. Moreover, it supports coordination and provides related health information to the public. Thus, in this way, the public takes care and stays prevented against the situation. The agency can make SOPs that are a must for everyone to follow and stay safe. If an organization like WHO deals with pandemics, there will be a less fatal rate, and people can stay safe.






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