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Vaccines have been the most effective, cheapest, and safest way to fight contagious diseases and protect the vulnerable ones for years. But when we talk about making vaccination mandatory, we could be making a mistake.

Far from being beneficial, orders and obligations can promote an anti-vaccine culture and increase vaccination opposition.

Yes, vaccination protects both vaccinated children and those who cannot receive vaccines due to health problems, but ”forcing it” can be misinterpreted.

Deciding not to vaccinate your child is not only an irresponsible decision that harms the child’s health but also a selfish decision that can end up harming unvaccinated young children.

In a cultured society, far from imposing, the promotion of vaccination education is essential. Parents would be familiarized with the advantages and probable risks of vaccines, how they work and why they are necessary for countless disease prevention. 1

They would be aware that although all vaccines are not risk-free, the benefit they provide is greater. They can prevent cancers, deformities, serious pneumonia, and even death from some of them; consequently, forced vaccination would be avoidable.