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Who should decide whether to place an elderly in the elderly center? A person himself, children, or health care specialist?
smiling elderly african american man


The elderly person should decide himself whether to stay in the elderly center or not. The children, healthcare specialists, should not be allowed to decide regarding this. Elderly people should choose themselves where they will get the care and better treatment.

Elderly people are in such  stage of life when they need extra care and affection. Most of the time, it happens people are so busy that they cannot attend to their parents. Therefore, decide to place parents in elderly homes. Although it is not a good act, they want their elders to get better care because of their busy schedules.

How elders responded when they sent to elderly home

If elders make their decision own, they adjust quickly in old homes. They attempt to keep themselves active and healthy. Moreover, they know their life is short, so they don’t desire new challenges; instead, they eat or exercise properly to spend the rest of their life in a better health state. Furthermore, they retain their memory and start involving in the community. It is because they get exceptional care in the old home and have many activities compared to their own home.

In their own home, lack of exercise, social involvement, and other activities lead to a decline in heath. Thus they have a negative attitude.

If we see the situation in which elders are not willing to go to old homes instead, they feel good playing with grandchildren, pets, gardening, or walking. But children don’t have time to care for them, and they send to old homes. Such elders show negative attitudes in old homes. Instead, they show interest in activities going in older homes they start overthinking. They think their children are cruel. They don’t have humanity and make them alone. In such cases, elders get severe depression, and their health declines quickly. Perhaps, they unable to adjust and may die. Such elders have their mindset towards failure.

Other outcomes

The elders who do not go to the elderly without their intent suffer from mental problems and are likely to suffer from heart problems, joint pain, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. This creates problems for the elders, but old homes also have to pay special attention to such patients. Poor nutrition and lack of activity also lead to obesity, stroke, diabetes, and a whole raft of multiple ailments. Moreover, they may start overusing cigarettes, addictive medicines, alcohol, or attempting to commit suicide.

Final thoughts

Researchers have revealed that it is important to allow elders to make their decisions. Do not over force to go to old homes. If they go there with intent, they will show interest in old home activities and adopt a better lifestyle. Perhaps they will stay happy, satisfied and they will have a healthy life. They show interest in activities, eat properly, do exercise, and get involved in games. Thus, they get a reason to live again. Therefore, the elderly must decide either they stay in the elderly center or their own home.




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