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Should surrogate pregnancy be used on-demand or only for health reasons?

Surrogate pregnancy means taking another female’s egg and a male’s sperm inside your own body. This process has been introduced to help those unable to achieve this process on their own. There are various things on this issue that should be used freely or used just for severe health reasons. Here in this segment, we will cover this question and its answer in detail.

Effects of surrogate pregnancy on surrogate’s mother:

Let us discuss the effects a surrogate mother has to face when she is carrying a baby inside her womb. We may filter its cost, and then it will be apparent that either it should be used freely on demand or only for health-related issues.

Following are the effects which are shown on surrogate mothers:

1.     Physically and emotionally demanding:

Being a surrogate mother is emotionally and physically demanding; you have to follow different treatment plans. There are daily or weekly routine checkups. If you are a smoker or drinker, then you are not supposed to do this. You are carrying responsibility. You may feel burn out, and it can be emotionally draining. Seeing various changes in your body can be a bit disturbing if you may start overthinking. You are carrying a new life inside you, and you may feel overwhelmed by this.

2.     Lengthy process:

Being a surrogate mother, one must be consistent and patient for 12 months. That mother has to fulfil the contract which she has made with the parents. There are specific legal commitments that a surrogate mother has to complete. Being a contract signer, you cannot travel too long or in remote areas for your travel plans. This can be a lengthy and hectic process for you because the child is not yours. You are carrying someone’s else egg and sperm inside your body.

3.     Health risks:

The delivery may get complicated, and there are several health risks involved during pregnancy for a surrogate mother. You may get stretched marks on your belly after delivery. Then the lactation process can make various changes to your body shape. So, it involves different health risks.

4.     Need medications to get become pregnant:

You may be given various medications related to pregnancy which includes estrogen and progesterone. Other than this, there may be several birth controls pills. A surrogate mother should be ready for any kind of negative effect due to medications on her health.

5.     Stigmatized thing:

Being a surrogate mother, you should be ready to face a social stigma related to surrogate pregnancy. However, people are having a positive attitude and thinking about surrogate pregnancy. If you are doing it for money or helping others achieve parenthood, you have to face various stereotypes and stigmas.

From the above effects, it is evident that surrogate pregnancy is a challenging and long journey. It should not be done freely. Only in severe health conditions couple should be eligible to go for this process.