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Should TV commercials for alcohol/fast-food chains be banned?

Commercials have a massive role in influencing other people; they can change other persons’ minds theatrically even though either the influence is positive or negative. The same is the case going with TV commercials of alcohol and fast food. That is why we are going to discuss this issue that either it should be banned or not? Our answer is a big YES. We are saying this yes because we will give the supportive points of this in the below section.

1.     Risk of type 2 diabetes:

Eating fast food such as beverages, cold drinks, many bakery and sugary items, plus alcohol can lead to type 2 diabetes. The person can suffer a lot because this disease is not gone for a permanent period.

2.     Risk of death by coronary heart disease:

People who eat fast food a lot and drink alcohol are at higher risk of getting coronary heart diseases. The US statistics reveal that a large number of people are dying every day due to heart diseases.

3.     Functional gastrointestinal disorders:

Functional gastrointestinal disorders are getting common in every person doing a large and long intake of alcohol and fast food. Following are the diseases which are caused by this;

  • Abdominal migraine
  • Chronic idiopathic
  • Irritable bowel syndrome

These physical problems are causing many serious health issues in children and other peoples.

4.     Oral health:

The most common problem caused by drinking cola and alcohol is that people’s oral health gets disturbed. Teeth start to get yellowish or decayed due to less muscular cavities. Dentists have complained many times about child for not taking candies and beverages at an early age. Still, kids imitate a lot, so they fantasize and idealize the commercials more than young adults. Therefore, it’s essential to consider it as oral health is getting worsen by this.

National Institute of Health study:

This study was done on the role of fast food commercials on obese people. This study’s findings revealed that Americans could decrease their obesity rate by up to 18% of all the short food-related ads that would be banned. So, it is essential to consider this thing.

Some of the claims by people who say no to ban alcohol and fast food advertisement:

  • Personal choice: They claim that personal choice matters; people can make decisions on their own.
  • Own responsibility: The other thing is that people can take responsibility for their health on their own. No one can influence them if they don’t want to. Bt, in reality, we all know that they get influenced a lot.
  • The business has a right to do: Business investors fight that it is their right to do alcohol and fast foods companies.

But besides these points, we think it is somehow unethical if the viewers are getting influenced, and they are suffering this much by seeing such commercials. So, taking out some better steps in favor of both the public and commercial industry would be a better option.